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Axis Wealth Planning, LLC is an independent financial advisory firm that believes in a biblically minded approach to finance that uses time-tested strategies and philosophies. However, in a world with high speed internet in the palm of our hands and cars that can park themselves, we see the benefits of utilizing the most advanced technology to better assess and manage risk, improve effeciency and lower costs, all in an effort to help our clients build, maintain, protect, and pass along wealth. We also utilize technology to accomodate our clients communication needs and schedules, even to the point of being a truly virtual advisor.

"Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow." Proverbs 13:11

About us

The mission of Axis Wealth Planning, LLC is to provide advice and counsel to our clients with the goal of helping them build, maintain, protect, and pass along wealth because we believe that we, as a society, are tasked to be good stewards of God's assets, not accumulators of our own.

"The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave to the lender." Proverbs 22:7

Our vision is to be an innovative financial advisory firm that blends time-tested philosophies and strategies with modern technology in an effort to 1) help our clients evaluate and monitor their current financial situation, 2) listen to their wishes and dreams while helping them clarify their financial goals, 3) counsel them on a plan to meet their goals, then 4) routinely monitor their progress toward those goals and help them stay on track. We will constantly be looking for ways to improve communications, services provided, and create a better overall client experience by staying up to date with national and international trends, always being open to new ideas, and listening to our clients.

While many people still want to come into an office to talk with an advisor face to face, in our busy world, many people find it difficult to take time to go sit and meet with an advisor. With the advanced technologies available today, we can work in a secure, online capacity for those who would prefer.  


The Axis Wealth Management System is the heart of our client experience and our Financial Planning Program. It allows us to provide a private, personal web portal for each client to link all of their various financial institutions, allowing for simplifying their financial lives.

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Introduction to the Axis Wealth Management System 

System Security Video

One of the biggest mistakes people make when investing is not understanding the volatility that their investments may see. For this reason we use an innovative online tool to assess our clients comfort for fluctuation of values of their portfolio. You can try it below.

We then use the same tool to measure the expected volatility of their investments. This allows us to more precisely match client's risk tolerance with the risk of their portfolio.


Jonathan Zimpleman AAMS, CWS® Photo

Jonathan Zimpleman AAMS, CWS®

CEO, Wealth Advisor
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CEO, Wealth Advisor



Jonathan was born in Iowa but grew up in South Carolina. He's an avid outdoorsman and woodworker.

Jonathan has worked in the financial services industry since 2002 and been a licensed representative since 2003. He worked for a national brokerage firm before starting Axis Wealth Planning, LLC. His passion is helping educate people about the opportunity they have to change their family history with proper financial planning.

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We are affiliated with First Allied Securities.  Based in San Diego, First Allied serves as the firm of choice for independent financial advisors from across the nation who seek to grow their businesses. Their exclusive business development platform has been expertly constructed to provide entrepreneurial financial advisors with one of the most comprehensive platforms for growth in the industry. First Allied is part of Cetera Financial Group®, a leading network of independent retail broker-dealers. First Allied Securities is part of First Allied Holdings. 

First Allied Securities utilize Pershing, LLC as our custodian. Pershing custodies brokerage accounts, including IRAs and fulfills the legal responsibility for safeguarding client assets while also providing administrative services such as account and tax record keeping, monthly statements, and data integrity protections.

As a prominent independent wholesale distributor of life insurance, Crump links a national network of approximately 200,000 financial services professionals with the products manufactured by approximately 100+ highly rated insurance companies. Crump is an indirect subsidiary of BB&T Corporation and is one of the companies that make up BB&T Insurance, the sixth largest insurance broker in the U.S. and the seventh largest internationally.


We believe that the many parts of one's financial life are connected, but often people look at them separately. Rarely do they discuss their investment portfolios with their tax accountant or their insurance policies with their banker. However, there are implications across these financial relationships. Wealth Management is a process of simplifying and coordinating a client's entire financial picture.

We all want to believe that the future will be exactly as we wish it to be. The reality, however, is that things will happen to us and our family that we do not expect. The art of Financial Planning is to try to lay out a plan that accounts for these unseen events. We believe in cash flow planning because that is how we all must live our lives - balancing our expenses with our income.  

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