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Why use an independent financial advisor? Why Axis Wealth Planning, LLC?

The financial decisions that we make have a huge impact on our lives. However, we often get so busy with work, kids, hobbies, church, and any other number of distractions that we often do not put too much thought into our financial choices, both large and small. Until something significant happens, usually unexpectedly. Unfortunately, by then it`s often too late to do anything about it.


When you decide that you need some help, where do you turn? The term “financial advisor” has become somewhat ubiquitous. Many advisors are employees of the firm that they represent. Some of these firms create and sell their own financial products or have preferential contracts with the creators of financial products. Independent financial advisors, on the other hand, typically are not employees of a large firm, meaning that their only “bosses” are their clients.


Being independent allows the advisor to choose the best way to work with their clients. This also means that they can provide uniquely unbiased advice and counsel about a client’s financial needs and the solutions to address those needs.


Jonathan Zimpleman founded Axis Wealth Planning, LLC in 2012 to provide an independent financial voice to the people of Sumter, SC. We are affiliated with First Allied Securities, part of the Cetera Financial Network.  They provide no incentive to utilize any one provider versus another.


Our belief is that we must fully understand our client’s entire financial picture in order to provide quality financial advice and counsel. Because of this, our focus is more on each client’s financial plan, rather than just their investment account. For example, does it benefit a client to make an investment that may have historic returns of 6% a year while they carry a balance on a credit card with an interest rate of 15%?


We have made a significant investment in the latest technology for our clients. Our financial planning platform, the Axis Wealth Management System, allows us to create a private and secure web portal for each client that they can link any of their financial accounts that have online access. This allows them to see their bank accounts, employer retirement account, loans, and any other accounts all in one place, simplifying an increasingly disparate and complex financial life.


Our use of technology also means that we can now meet with our clients virtually. It can often be difficult to carve out a few hours in a day to travel to our office, so we can now talk on the telephone and share computer screens or teleconference. This allows us to better be able to “meet” around your schedule and needs.


Finally, our independence allows us the freedom to provide advice and counsel to clients who may not have been able to be helped by traditional large advisory firms – people who don’t have investment accounts or large sums of money to invest. Many people’s only investments are in their employers retirement account, or they have more debt than investable money. These people need advice, too. We are able help them assess their current situation, craft a plan to address their financial issues, and help hold them accountable to that plan.


Each client is different and so are their issues, meaning the plan to address them has to be unique. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you organize your financial life and deal with those concerns you keep trying to ignore.